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I Survived Saying No to Myself at Hobby Lobby

It takes an act of God to wake us up and get us going some mornings. That was today.

But once we did move, we had a beautiful, quiet time around the table before school.

The kids munched away at their breakfast while I savored the hot coffee; they didn't say much to the few questions I asked. We just enjoyed being together.

I'm thankful for every moment with them.

Thanksgiving was last week. I was up at 5:00 a.m. and back in bed at 6:30 p.m., but had a wonderful houseful of family and friends with lively conversation accented by homemade pecan pie and cookies.

Then there was the unofficial national holiday known as Black Friday. I celebrate Black Friday by staying far away from stores. My sanity is not worth trading in to save a buck and be trampled by smelly strangers.

Being trampled by people I know wouldn't be any more fun either. But if they smelled good, at least that aspect would be bearable.

And that brings us to the Christmas tree--BunnBunn's favorite chew toy.

We set that up over the weekend of Thanksgiving. Started to set it up, that is. When I plugged in the pre-lit tree, I saw BunnBunn--cute, sweet BunnBunn--had chewed the light strands, and only 2 tiny rows of lights worked. 2.

I'm not sure how he hasn't been electrocuted yet. Little stinker. Fluffy set of teeth. And I'm saying that through my teeth.

Anyway, not going to stay upset at that. I bought some new strands of lights to drape around our unlit, pre-lit, artificial Christmas tree.

Which brings me to Hobby Lobby. There's a lot that could bring me to Hobby Lobby. More often than not, I have to exercise my NO muscle on myself in regard to Hobby Lobby.

They had lights there--for about a half-week's wages. I finally found the cheaper strands, but they're still crazy expensive.

But the most unusual aspect of the trip was that I--wait for it...

...Only bought the items for which I had come into the store. (Big, collective gasp!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am living proof that you're allowed to step foot into Hobby Lobby without buying half the store or getting a sampling of everything that is 50% off.

And I didn't roam the aisles in a recreational manner. (Another big, collective gasp!) I was all business as I clanked in heels directly toward the sections I needed.

Walking in heels or any other loud shoe has the unintentional effect of parting the Red Sea of people when you're in a crowded area.


And it's the next morning now as I wrap up this writing in the glow of over-priced Christmas lights.

Today is another busy day that calls for coffee first.


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