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Hot Chocolate on a Snowy Day

Hello, Sunday morning!

I need to get ready for church in a minute, but first... coffee! It's percolating in the magic pot right now. Percolators are infinitely better than drip pots for making coffee.

I peeked into Kara's room while she was still sleeping. She looks exactly like she did as a baby. Same peaceful face, same beautiful skin. I'll never get tired of looking at my babies when they're sleeping.

Kal spent the night with some buddies, so maybe he slept, maybe not. Either way, he's sure to have had a grand time.

Yesterday included a trip to save big money at Menard's. We needed an extra door, so we ordered that. Kara wanted chalkboard paint for her closet doors. Check.

Oh, yes, we needed an extra laundry basket. And another trash can and broom for the basement; the laundry is down there.

Clothespins? Can't live life without those!

Somehow, every time I get to the checkout, I always seem to spend big money, not save big money, at Menard's.


And 16 hours later, I'm back at my computer finishing the post I started this morning.

The day was filled with sledding for Kal. Mom and I were joking that it was a balmy 32 degrees Fahrenheit. After -5, it really does feel balmy.

This is the sort of weather that is perfect for building a snowman. And for drinking hot chocolate. It's hard to imagine when hot chocolate is a bad idea, though.

We accomplished none of the house projects that filled my list today. The kids groan every time I light up with the thought of making yet another list.

Lists just keep my mind unscrambled. It takes a whole spaghetti bowl of thoughts and straightens them out in neat lines so I can see what all was up there.

And I'll leave you with a picture of the snowy surroundings on the walk back from sledding. I'm not a picture-taker, so I usually remember to do it as we're leaving someplace.

Snowy woods
Snow, sun, and shadows

And one last picture: this is the recipe for hot chocolate. The name of it claims to be the best, and I can attest to that. You know what would make it even better? Heavy whipping cream in the place of part of the milk. Cream makes everything better.

And I don't count calories here. I just see if I can button my pants or not. So heavy whipping cream is here to stay.

The best hot chocolate. Try it.


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