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Grilling Is Easy, Isn't It?

Burnt bratwurst
The black was only skin-deep

I tried grilling again this weekend. Kris had to run into town for whatever, and I was making dinner, thinking erroneously that grilling is a cinch.

This picture proves otherwise. As charred as these bratwursts were on the outside, they were red on the inside. I just microwaved them to finish to de-pinking process. That had to have been least damaging.

Kris never said a word. Smart man. He's the grill master around here.

I never did get to cleaning my car yesterday or today. It's still on the list for tomorrow. Instead, we worked like maniacs in the yard yesterday. Back-breaking work, but so rewarding.

The kids helped, less voluntarily than more. I had their able bodies moving bricks from an unwanted patio over to an area that eventually will be a fire pit.

We didn't even know that patio was there when we bought the house; it was so covered over with dirt and weeds.

Strawberries and ice cream
Ice cream is always right

Kal and Kara later made their own ice cream treats. I had fun describing the banana splits I used to make at the ice cream shop as a teenager, then they wanted to try recreating them.

Today was the budget fight, grocery shopping, and making brownies with Texas sheet cake icing to take to a friend's house tonight for his birthday.

Mr. H turned ___ decades old. I won't say how many decades, except that it rhymes with hive.

Good food, even better friends, and a comfortable campfire at the H's house was the perfect end to the evening.


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