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God Made Puddles For Splashing

Kids splashing in puddle
The best part of the day

The sunshine this morning was rejuvenating. The kids and I rode bikes, then when hineys were too sore for another ride, Kara and I took a walk while Kal shot some hoops.

Everyone we saw was smiling and enjoying the morning outside. Lots of moms walking with their kids. Lots of retired folks out walking, too. Our neighborhood has been around since the seventies, so there are some original folks still here that raised their kids here. Now the demographics are changing with more families with kids moving in. There is plenty of interaction between old and young (or young and younger if that sounds prettier).

I met several neighbors today for the first time. One nice lady has some mean-sounding dogs that chase kids off their bikes. The kids avoid bike-riding in front of her house, but this summer should be better. They're putting up a fence for the dogs.

With another couple, I chatted for awhile before thinking to ask their names. It turns out, I know their daughter and son-in-law. If you live in Miami County long enough, you will know everybody. That's one of the perks of living in or near a small town--if you like people, and I do.

The sunshine gave way to clouds and pouring rain. It didn't occur to me to stand outside in the rain and play in it, but then, I'm not an 11-year-old boy. As soon as we had some good puddles, Kal asked if he could play in it. Kara quickly joined him.

Rain boots were just for looks today. There's no covering in the world that would have kept them dry during their grand time of soaking themselves and splashing in the "pond" in our front yard.

That pond is part of a mile-long list of things left to fix or renovate here. In the meantime, let the kids splash. They wash up just fine. So do the clothes.

So does my freshly mopped floor.

One last thing: we're still working on how to change the toilet paper roll.


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