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Fun Fashion and a Fun Rug

Fashion is like art. Beauty is solely in the eye of the beholder.

I saw a different sort of fashion yesterday while we were out spending some Christmas gift cards: a tall, young man with a mullet, topped by a cowboy hat, then donning a hoodie, basketball shorts, and cowboy boots. He had the demeanor of one who honestly doesn't care what others think, and just wears whatever he wants. Seeing him brightened my day.

Back on those gift cards, Kal and Kara chose several fun things for themselves. Kara is totally at home shopping for hours and comparing everything before making a selection. Kal was dying shopping with her. I was, too, but I didn't let on to that since moms don't let on when they're dying inside over something that is inconsequential in the end.

My fun, gift card purchase was a rug. We had what used to be a beautiful, ivory rug in our living room. I bought it cheaply, so I wasn't super upset as stains just appeared over time and nothing would clean up those stains for good.

But it really looked bad, like we have a dog (and we don't), and we never bother to clean up after his messes.

So, I've been keeping an eye out for rugs. Just about everything is grey or beige, both depressing, ugly colors to me. With very few exceptions, they remind me of storms and deserts. I like color and brightness.

I finally found a rug with the same ivory color as a base, then it has brown splotches. Normally, I wouldn't want brown splotches, but it does look like the inevitable stains are built into the design, so it's a winner to me. With an active household, there's no way, at least no way peaceably, to keep a white carpet totally white.

Ginger likes her new rug. She thinks it's hers anyway.

Bunny on rug
A new napping spot for Ginger Snap the Bunny

Christmas lights are still happy lights. Those are staying up for awhile, probably another week at least. Some lights stay up all winter, brightening the dreary days of winter.

For the rest of this day, I need to pull motivation from the thin air and get the bare basics of the day finished.

I think my starter is broken today.


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