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First Sign of Spring

Have you ever had to take a test filled with questions such as:

If Mr. Jones bought a house for $250,000, what color did he paint the living room?

Just venting a little here. The test I'm taking isn't quite that bad, I guess, but my eyes are crossing after hours on the computer today, so all the questions seem this way.


The kids and I made this a fun movie night while Kris went to his buddy's house for a campfire. We watched What's Up, Doc? Ryan O'Neal, Barbara Streisand, and Madeline Kahn. Hilarious comedy from about 1970.

Kara is hard at work building the Lego sets she bought with her own money. She'll save for a long time, then buy something big.

Kal bought a hatchet and more knives with his money. He loves whacking away at logs and whittling sticks, which is good since we have a ready supply on our property.

They both had a special shopping trip with Kris today so I could study in some level of peace. Thank you, Kris!


We're seeing green grass and robins on the walks around the neighborhood. The green grass is in all but our yard, which is a dirt-and-moss patch. The vibrant color is so beautiful after the dullness of winter.

Someone sent this funny cartoon to me. Fitting for this time of year:


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