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Fancy Pants Chairs

Fancy pants acrylic chair
Fancy pants acrylic chair

I wasn't shopping for chairs. I was on a quest for craft supplies for my kids when I saw these chairs at Hobby Lobby. Somehow, that's the story every time I wander home with an unplanned purchase from Hobby Lobby

The setting has to be right for a chair like this. It doesn't fit in a family room. It's a little weird in most dining rooms. Not a desk chair.

But when you have a bridal alterations shop, this chair fits perfectly in that setting. And with its being Corona Virus Season, this is a great wiping-down chair.

The strange sight for the day was a Porsche pulling a trailer, the kind for a jet ski. That Porsche could have fit in the back of my car, so seeing it hauling a trailer was funny.

My children look human again, thanks to Miss Jenna. She chopped off the overgrowth. I used to cut Kal's hair until he started looking like his Mommy cut his hair. Not a flattering look.

Kris took a load of junk to Solid Waste. The lady that helped him was as friendly as a viper, but at least we have more open space in the garage.

Our new-to-us Tahoe has been Barted. That's what I call it when the mechanic does his magic on it. Bart is his name. He replaced and tuned up more things than I can count, but said we had a really good car. All in all, it was worth the purchase and repair price together to get it.

During the bike ride around our neighborhood today, I took in all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells, particularly the scent of a lawn care application. It might stink to some, especially people who are best friends with the EPA, but to me, it smells like people taking care of their property.

I also helped corral a loose dog on my bike ride. He's the jail-breaker on our street. There are a few huskies on other streets that are the other normal dogs that break loose.

That reminds me: the neighbors at our old house had a bulldog named Honey. One Sunday afternoon, we had guests over for dinner. Our windows were open, as were our neighbors, who were talking distance from our house. During dinner, we heard a loud yell from next door, "Shut up, Honey!"

The look on our guests' faces still has us laughing years later. Plus, they had a good laugh when they found out Honey was a dog.


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