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Everything Is Better With Sunshine

Our corner of the world felt more alive today than it has for a long time. Businesses are starting to reopen; traffic was fairly heavy; people were out walking and talking to other people.

The sun was bright and shining; the grass green. Dandelions everywhere with the inevitable wishing flowers. That's what I heard a special little girl call the dandelions that have gone to seed. Blow on them, and make a wish.

We had some time at my shop today. The kids think they won't survive having to stay in the shop with me while I work. I can't see what is so boring. I do have Learning Wrap-Ups for them to do. And some cursive practice sheets.

Back home again, we had walks and bike rides and more walks. We tried to start a campfire for tasty, hot s'mores, but that just didn't work tonight.

Kris is gone for the evening, so it was up to me. If it were his campfire, he would have persisted until something caught.

Tomorrow needs to be a heavy yard work day. We have bricks to pull up and reposition somewhere in our yard--if you can call it a yard. We have plants to plant, leaves to rake from the woods, sticks and brush to gather.

I love outside work.


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