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Even Messy Sugar Tastes Good

Nailed it

I thought the Rolo Pretzel candies would be easy to make. Ha!

Take a good look at this mess. How hard is it to arrange chocolate caramels on the pretzels and pull them out of the oven before they turn into a sea of molten sugar?

And I'm the one entrusting with roasting the goose in the morning. My guests may want to pack a sandwich just in case.

Plastic snowman
Mr. Snowman, happy to leave Menard's

We have a new guy hanging around outside. Here he is getting a ride home. I've always wanted one of these lighted plastic snowmen, but until living in this house, didn't have a place to store it. He'll have a cozy spot in the shed during the off-season. If I feel dreary this winter, he'll live on my porch until February to do his cheering-up magic.

I'm dreading slightly the Christmas Day tasks left to do before I go to my long winter's nap. More likely a short winter's nap as I'll get up early tomorrow, as all mothers do to make sure everything is just right for everybody else.

A few gifts to wrap. Burnt sugar to chisel off a pan. Mop the floor. It'll get dirty again in a few hours, but I need to mop it for myself. It gives my mind peace when the floors are glowing and lemony fresh.

Not stressing the meal too much. If I have the fowl in the oven soon enough, everything else falls into place fairly easily.

We all watched Ralphie tonight, a favorite movie every year.

For once, the children scampered off to bed with no fuss whatsoever. 1/366. That's the annual rate for no-fuss beddy-by times. The rate is slightly better at 1/365 for a non-leap year. They know Christmas morning comes faster if they're asleep.

Have a merry Christmas!

And I'm going to get to work now on the rest of that caramel chocolate pretzel mess that's glued to the pan.


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