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Enchiladas or Oreos For Dinner?

Table set for dinner
Pretty stock photo. My table needs help.

Kara asked for chicken enchiladas yesterday. I couldn't pull that off for then, and Kris took us out for pizza anyway, so I saved her request for today.

Chicken enchiladas coming up! Coming up... Anybody?

It turns out Kris ate a huge lunch and was still full from that. Kal and Kara both ate pizza with their youth group tonight. Different pizza from last night. It takes a long time before they're tired of pizza.

That leaves me to eat a whole pan of enchiladas. I didn't. I just put the lid on that beautiful, baked goodness and decided I made dinner a whole day early for tomorrow.

I ate Oreos instead.

And some cereal.

But the Oreos tasted better.


I'm cleaning out my shop this week and finishing up yet a little bit more sewing. It really seems that it's just never done, but that's okay.

Cleaning out means arming myself with massive trash bags and setting about to declutter a major collection of whatevers from my years of sewing. I still love sewing; I'm not giving up on that, but I don't need so much schtuff without a fully functioning alterations shop.

What's left, I will organize and separate into neat Ziploc bags for starters. I have lots of organizers that will be excess once I downsize my sewing supplies a good deal.

Decluttering is thrilling. I can't stop once I get started. One toss just feeds the next and the next. I have to step outside myself mentally, looking realistically at what I have as a spectator instead of a participant.

What earns a place in my home, or in my life, by being useful, not excess, and by being wanted?

What things have outlived their usefulness to me even though I think they're still super cute and I really like them? I passed on some beautiful Christmas decorations to my sister because I have no place for them at home. I'm not junking up my walls just to have a pretty doodad up there.

Clutter makes me anxious and jittery. The perfect cure for that is a good tossing session.

What's even better is a good bonfire. Get a good fire going in the backyard, then clean house. That's real fun--unless you live in an HOA. You might get fined for it then, but if the fire is going anyway, just burn the complaint letter.


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