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Don't Cook a Bad Attitude Into That Stew!

My work includes lots of creating with my hands. Work at home involves all sorts of using my hands to complete housework and make dinner.

Every once in a while, okay, maybe more than that, I feel growly and start complaining inwardly about whatever the work is I'm doing at that time. Then I feel ashamed for being growly.

I don't want to sew a bad attitude into a dress, or cook it into a meal. That's not a service to anybody.

God created us to work, using our minds and hands. Work is a gift to us.

I'm reminded of a relative of mine who was bedridden. Surely, she would have loved to get up, cook, and wash dishes as other people could do. She still used her hands to create intricate cross-stitch pieces and work on our family's genealogy.

As I go into this next day, I want to hold foremost in my mind to sew blessing in the dresses I work on, and to cook love into the stew.

May God use my hands for good, showing his love to everyone whose path I cross.


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