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Cousins and Cookie Tins

The past two days were a whirlwind that whirled writing right out of sight for me, but now I'm sitting down to recap.

We had a cousin weekend. My sister took the boys, I took the girls, and everyone had too much sugar and not enough sleep. That's okay since it's only once in awhile.

Chocolate chip pancakes this morning fried in lots of oil. I love those crispy edges. Calories don't count on Sundays--or any day that needs a celebration of any sort.

Today's other no-count-calorie food included the pizza joint in Niles, Michigan, which is a must every time we're in the area: Front Street.

Wow! Deep dish Chicago pizza; fabulous normal pizza. The dough tastes so fresh. Vast amounts of cheese. It's the sort of pizza that makes you want a second stomach to hold the extra you eat.


Cookie tin
The sewing kits come with cookies not thread.

I found myself staring at an empty cookie tin this morning. A perfectly good tin. Sturdy. Clean. Just right to hold... I don't know what. A sewing kit? Not for me. My sewing hobby could easily overtake one floor of my house.

It's hard to part with perfectly good containers. I don't need it. Nobody I know needs it. It feels wrong to throw it out. So...

I'll give it a few more days on the kitchen counter before I'm sick of seeing it and throw it out with much less feeling than I have today.

Containers are hard to bypass and hard to pass by when you have too many, as I do. The container/organizer aisle in the store, for me, has lights from Heaven bestowing those glorious boxes with even more allure than they normally have.

Suddenly, I slow my walk as I cast about rapidly in my mind any excuse possible that I might need a new set of containers. Then I pause. Then I stand. Then I stare like a kid in a candy store.

I need containers. Why? I don't know. Have to think of something. Now! Surely there's something at home that needs a better organizer. Maybe so-and-so could use this. How about something for the kids' rooms? Are there organizers that self-animate to pick up the junk when it's out of place?


I stop. I don't need more containers. Junk bunkers is what I call them. I have more than I can use now. I'm giving them away to anyone who wants them. I keep throwing out or giving away more and more schtuff and that is freeing up even more junk bunkers.

No, I don't need more.

Still, it's hard for a kid to walk out of the candy store without any candy. Sigh. What sadness that I can't think of a legitimate excuse for a new container.

Anyone need a cookie tin?


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