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Cleaning Up Messes and House Dieting

I'm watching Leap Year upstairs with my little ladybug while Kris and little Kris are watching Venom on the downstairs T.V. Perfect girly movie versus a perfect display of manly brawn, slashing and dashing, and property damage. Property damage bothers me, even when it's CGI.

My favorite scenes in movies are when a mess gets cleaned up. Examples are:

  • Snow White when she and the animals clean up the cottage;

  • Mary Poppins when she snaps her fingers and cleans up the nursery;

  • Mr. Mom when the Rocky music plays, and he cleans up the house;

  • Overboard when Goldie Hawn cleans up the dump she's living in;

  • Enchanted when Amy Adams and her vermin friends clean up the apartment...

I replay those parts just because they give me joy, plus it's fun to sing along with the Happy Working Song.

Speaking of cleaning up messes, Kris was on a tear today through the garage hauling off heaps of junk to various donation bins--junk in the sense that is was usable, but unwanted stuff. We also made good use of the burn pile.

I call this house dieting. When Kris gets in this mood, I just drop what I'm doing and help. I love seeing walls, space, corners. Junk and clutter in my home drives me crazy. Since I can't go through the house tossing all his stuff without also tossing out our marriage, I just help as much as he wants when the tossing mood strikes him.

Once or twice a year, we go through a major purge in the house. I love it. House dieting.


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