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Chocolate Horse Feed

Just some odds and ends for writing today.

Life is too short to pull weeds all summer. A previous owner, one who cared anyway, took the time to put fancy plants and rocks down in the front portion of the yard.

I'm sure it used to look lovely. It looks like life going down the drain to me with all the weeds that I keep pulling all the time. So out it goes--to anyone who wants to come scoop up rocks, and haul them away. And any of those plants. I'm done with it all.


Protein shakes taste like chocolate horse feed to me. Ground up hay in a chocolatey liquid, the attempt of someone to cover up the distinct barn flavor.


If cute was worth anything, our bunny has the market on that. He does what is called a binky when he's feeling good. A binky is where he suddenly leaps up in the air, often from a still position, then he'll run around as if he's herding tiny sheep.


Thanks to my friend, C, for inviting my to the Y several months ago for a dance fitness class. I hadn't stepped foot into our town's new facility before that. Attending those group classes is motivating.

If I had to exercise in my living room at home by myself, I wouldn't do one single bit of it. It's so boring being alone. Not in a group, though! And I get energized being around other people.


I didn't burn the chicken tonight!. That is rather surprising given my track record lately of putting food on to cook or roast, then having far more important things to do, and hoping I remember to check whatever is being incinerated in my kitchen.

I did burn the grilled cheese sandwiches for Kal and Kara, though. Totally black. It wasn't on purpose, but I figure if they dislike them with a strong enough dislike, they will grill the sandwiches themselves. Otherwise, I'll call it charcoal grilled cheese, Mommy-style. Yum.


The cast for the play I'll be in gathered for ice cream and meeting each other. So many interesting people, and they all burst into song at random times just like I do! I feel like I've found my colony.

My sisters burst into song, and so does my friend, M. My brothers are too cool for bursting into song and dance. They really are cool and handsome and tall.

Back on the ice cream: summer has been filled with several (lots!) of ice cream runs. Sometimes with me, sometimes with their dad, sometimes with Grandma and Aunt K. Fun! And I try not to indulge too much. Not fun. It's hard because I love ice cream. That's my calorie of choice.


And just to end on a pretty note, here is a picture of a peony from the depot area of Peru. Obviously not my yard, since all those got a haircut.


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