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Chicks and Weekend Bits

It's been an eventful weekend, and I didn't write. Messed up on the daily goal of writing, but I'm back at it today.

  • On Sunday, we had a houseful with some out-of-state family visiting, meeting in-state family at our house. The best part of that day? Scooping up my baby nephews and just snuggling with them. Oh, what a happy time.

  • I made Mix-n-Chex for a gathering with friends on Saturday. Most people know it as Chex Mix, but I prefer to keep the name my kids called it when they were little. Yummy salty snack.

  • Kris has been enjoying Lego time with Kara. She has all sorts of Lego Friends sets that were jumbled together in one box, and they're building them out one by one. She proudly shows off her work when she's done, and I smile every time I walk into her room and see daddy and daughter playing Legos on her floor.

  • I get a chuckle out of the natural differences between girls and boys: girls build cupcake shops and houses out of Legos; boys build battleships and the biggest, baddest race cars. Totally different interests that are also totally innate.

  • Kal is starting a HAM radio class this week. He's tired of my telling the story of my grandparents taking me to a HAM Fest when I was too young to realize HAM meant radios, not pork. Maybe you, the reader, are tired of hearing it, too. I have told it more than once. Sigh. I just like that story. That was a rabbit trail, though. It's exciting to see Kal pick up different interests that don't involve a screen and pretend bloodshed.

  • Basketball is winding down this week. The tournament is on Saturday. I still don't quite know what I'm watching with basketball no matter how many times anybody tries to explain the rules. I just know when our team makes a basket to cheer. Actually, this is a friendly league: everybody in our town knows everybody else and the parents all cheer each other's kids on to victory, even on opposing teams.

  • It's been a schlippery-slidey day as the compacted snow on all the drives and walkway, those that weren't previously plowed, turned to a layer of thick ice today. The warmer weather this weekend will melt it off.

  • Speaking of warm weather, at this point in the year, anything above 10F degrees feels like a heat wave. We were up to 34F degrees today. That's practically roll-down-the-window weather.

  • Prayer time this week has been peppered with requests for the Texas mess. When disasters happen, the least we can do is have empathy whether or not we have any personal connections to anyone affected by the disaster.

  • One last bit: the local farm store has baby chicks. Oh, they are cute! I know perfectly well they'll all land on dinner plates, but I can enjoy their little peeps and fluff anyway. Here's the best picture I could snap of them under their heat lamp.


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