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Campfire Evenings

We've had great campfire weather.

I totally forgot to write yesterday. What I did accomplish, after a full day of sewing, was a campfire with Kris, then more sewing the finish stitches on a wedding dress. The bride looked fabulous in it, by the way.

Today was much the same: full day of sewing and appointments, followed by a campfire in the evening. The difference was the addition of some great friends of ours and wonderful Pizza Quik pizza.

Kara has been whipping out more paintings of the starry night variety, and a beautiful beach and palm tree sunset.

We're cramming in a bit more summer fun into our week before school starts on the sixth. Oh, that reminds me, we need to go school shopping.

Tomorrow will be full of more alterations, signing kids up for everything that I've been forgetting about this past week, and I'd love to throw in grocery shopping and house cleaning.

For now, sleep is on the list.


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