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Cake, Soccer, and Cleaning

Today's work of clearing out my shop was capped with the most delicious lemon cake from my father-in-law. We all had a slice and a visit together. I love his thoughtfulness in bringing a celebratory cake, and lemon is my absolute favorite.

The kids and I later watched The Great Race. Where they were convinced at first that they wouldn't enjoy it one bit, they were soon laughing and having a wonderful time.

They were allowed to dress up at school today as a book character. Since we don't usually participate in the school spirit week, I just let this date go in one ear and out the other... until Kara mentioned (last night) that she wanted to dress up. Not as something/someone we already had.

I was finishing up her character's robe this morning before school. Sure, I can sew, but I don't have a magic wand to make beautiful garments appear out of thin air.


That's what I wrote last night before passing out.

Kal has a soccer tournament this morning. It's a good, frosty morning. I love the crisp air.

Lots of parents this morning will be bundled as if they're trekking to the Arctic Circle.

I'll finish cleaning out the shop today. Most everything is out, I just have to clean it, which won't take super long since I never made it a super wreck.

Here's my view looking out from my shop door to the street. A friend mentioned taking a picture from that perspective, and I think it's a good idea.

Looking through the door
Looking outward.

Moving makes it obvious just how much STUFF we have! I've gotten rid of most of the furniture from the shop, plus loads of the odds and ends; I've thrown out bags and bags of scraps, and I still have a pile of junk to deal with that we just had to bring home to sort.

I hate junk. Tossing even more will be my job over the next week.


On to the overarching thought of the day, though: today marks the end of one journey (through a sea of wedding dresses) and the beginning of something new.


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