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Burning Brush, Seeing Green (Grass), and Needing a Scheduling Anchor

Burning the brush
Burning the brush

School is officially closed for the rest of this school year, at least the buildings are closed. School always keeps us on a normal schedule. It's a scheduling anchor. Time to retool. Forget panicking about toilet paper.

I should have retooled already, but I just wanted some sleep for once. It's normal for spring-time (prom time) sleep to be only a few hours a night for several months on end while my team and I get hundreds of prom dresses out the door. Getting sleep in April is a nice change for me.

So, no school, no automatic schedule, no anchor. We'll make our own. We have accomplished work every day, but it's been on the random side.

  • Kara made more fabulous chocolate chip cookies today. Almost nothing left.

  • Kal started a good fire to burn a brush pile. Picture above.

  • I finished the mundane housework after sleeping off a massive headache (felt like a pressure-change headache). I usually have to power through any headaches and just work anyway. Today, though, was the first time I can remember for a long time that I was able just to lay down and rest when I had a headache. By 1:00, it was gone enough that I could resume Mommy duties again.

  • Kal and Kara made little lunch pizzas in muffin tins by themselves during the headache episode. I'm proud of their cooking initiative lately!

  • Kara and I worked in her room attempting to restore order. We did get quite a bit accomplished. That's still on the list for tomorrow.

One thing I do every single day, no matter what, is shower, dress in real clothes, and wear make-up. I don't put enough on to be a clown, but enough to feel put together. That part takes about 2 minutes. Moms don't have much more time than that in the mornings.

Getting dressed puts me in the right mindset to accomplish real work. Pajamas put me in shut-down mode.

Day lilies
Day lilies coming up

On a random note: I just love the color green. Red is my normal favorite color, but nothing is as beautiful as the green of Spring. The grass grows fresh, new leaves. Our day lilies are up. We have no other flowers in our yard, so we will just enjoy those and imagine the others that we want right now.

Green means there is life. Green looks like hope. Green reminds me that God says in Genesis 8:22 that "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."

I rest knowing our world is entirely in God's hands.


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