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Bunny Time, Family Time, and Kroger to the Rescue

A weekend recap after two days of missed writing:

Bunny pictures to start. She's just a furry ball of joy. Right now, she is scurrying around the living room, running behind the sofa (that's a race track for her), being an actual dust bunny under Kris's chair, and trying to chew the bowtie on my pretty red shoes.

Boy and bunny
Kal getting bunny kisses.

Girl and bunny
Kara with the fluff ball bunny.

Saturday was filled with a soccer game for Kal and kid-fun at a youth group party at our friends' house.

Kris and my dad loaded up a massive, antique oak table and buffet to take to my sister. That table could support an elephant. It was so much fun moving it. Skip ahead through the moving fun, and my sister has a beautiful set-up.

I always love time with my family. My sister's youngest was all snuggly at first. Ohhh! Can't beat that snuggle time with little nieces and nephews!

Sunday after church and a cheater-chicken lunch, which is deli chicken (YUM!), I went to visit my grandma. Her house is comforting. I guess the memories made at her house are a comfort to me, and time with her is irreplaceable.

One tradition still lives on: the circus peanuts and orange slices in the tins are there for us before we leave. Even my aunt was enjoying them. All my life, those candies have been part of Grandma's house.

Today is full of its own busyness with a little last-minute sewing, clearing out more schtuff from the shop, and delivering a dinner to another sister who just had a baby.

My grand plans of a fabulous homemade dinner are on hold for another time as I rely on the Kroger freezer section to supply the meal for today.

Oh, well. In the end, everyone gets fed.


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