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Bunny Tales

I'm taking a break from writing today to let the bunny tell you about life at our house. Here she is:

Dwarf bunny
I had to sit still for this picture. It was awful.

Hi, uh, my name is Ginger Snap. I'm a bunny. I'm a little over one month old.

What a week I've had! I used to live in a big box with my brothers and sisters. There always were faces crowding around over the top. Always wanting to pick us up. Lots of loving from lots of people. Going from one person to the next.

It's rather exhausting to be so popular.

One day, this girl started holding me and didn't stop. Then a boy came up and started holding me, too.

They gave me a different box to live in. I miss my brothers and sisters, but I like being the center of attention at my new home.

As soon as they wake up, they change my water and give me a little hay to eat. The hay tastes like cookies to me. Then they hold me and stroke me and tell me what a good bunny I am and let me lick them with my teeny-tiny cute tongue.

I know I can get what I want just by being cute.

The girl made a box for me to hide in. I like hiding. I like to hide under the desk and the china cabinet. I like to hide behind the coin jar and the recliner.

I don't have too many accidents. I'm trying to keep the mommy happy. I wasn't born yesterday.

The mommy here always talks to me in the morning when she gets up. She acts like I can understand everything she says. I just look at her with big dark eyes and twitch my nose.

The girl and the boy put a brick in my box to climb in and out of it. At first, I would only climb in. But after a day, I learned that it works to go the other way, too.

Every night, the girl and the boy tell me they love me and say good night. Every day, the mommy says that they both told her on the way to school to tell the bunny they love her.

Even the daddy likes to pick me up and pet me. I lick him. I don't know why I lick him. I just do it because that's what rabbits do.

I leave presents every time I eat. I don't know why I do it. The mommy makes sure all the food stays in my box so all the presents stay there too.

I'd say overall I'm happy here. I miss the crowd of fans I had at the apple orchard where I was born.

Still, I have a warm place to live and a family who loves me. Life's pretty good.


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