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Bunny, Date Night, & a Storm of Noise

Leo the bunny atop his edible house.

It's a hard-knock life for this little bunny. He naps as much as a cat. He chews on anything in his reach which is why we have cardboard in all his favorite places. Leo the bunny is quite the connoisseur of paper products. The proper flakiness is a must.

We have started taking him in the car with us on the short little runs around town. He takes the command deck on the console, sometimes placing his little front paws on my forearm to have a better look at the scenes flashing outside the windshield.

Kris and I had a nice date night at Jefferson Street BBQ in Converse, Indiana. While they had an impressive menu of all sorts of grease and calories, I just went back to my old standby: brisket. Nothing beats a good brisket. Why bother with the other menu items?

Quiet is a strange sensation when you have children. After the initial calm from the storm of noise, the void of quiet looms when they're away--and we find ourselves talking about and missing our children.

It's okay: the storm of noise picked up right where it left off when we picked them up from our friends who were babysitting.

And now the storm has quieted for the night.


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