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Bunnies Calm Us Down After a Scare

You never know what the excitement of the day will be.

For us, it was a bomb threat at my kids' school, not just one of the buildings in the school corporation, but their building. Everyone is safe; all kids and faculty were bussed over to one of the other schools for parent pick-up.

Somebody is in deep doo-doo over this. I guess we'll find out more later.

It's a reminder that the prayer we pray every morning for safety and guidance in the day isn't just a flippant morning routine.

Inevitably, our children's minds went to all sorts of scenarios, all of them ending in the worst possible way. What can we say to our children when we live in a world of bomb threats and crazy gunmen? We told them first to keep trust in God. Pray hard and stay calm while you're following the evacuation plan. Stay alert; use your head.

Then stop making up scenarios. That part is hard, but worry does no good except to eat up your insides. If you need to melt down, the time to do it is when the threat is over, and you're safe.

After the scare today over the threat, Kara went to see her friend, one she has missed terribly while school was out or virtual. The silliness those two girls make was just right to calm their spirits after their fright at school.

You know what else helped all of us after that scare? A night with friends. Comfy friends. The kind that have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and love you anyway. The kind that give a loving kick in the pants when it's needed.

Nobody needed any kicks in the pants tonight, but just a night of Maximum Chili and games made all the difference for several that felt so depressed and off today.

What is Maximum Chili? It's the name I gave to chili that is all dressed up. We had rice and tortilla chips to go with the chili, then all sorts of toppings for fun: chopped spinach, sour cream, cheddar cheese, chopped sweet peppers, onions, diced tomatoes, jalapenos. It was so good, I wanted seconds. But I saved the seconds spot for brownies.

One last bit: these friends have a Flemish Giant bunny. Look at that lush fur! She's a hefty, cute, bundle of calm.

Flemish Giant rabbit
CinnaBunn the Flemish Giant rabbit


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