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Bugs Bunny and Dill Pickle Peanuts

Bugs Bunny has agreed to be Mr. Bunny's campaign manager, spokesrabbit, fundraiser, media manager, feet on the ground, lettuce fetcher, and all the other positions that need to be filled.

Mr. Bunny's run for Congress should be completed in about 7 1/2 minutes. Bugs is fast. Did you see him build a city in 2 seconds while Yosemite Sam stood by slack-jawed?

Yeah. We only hire the best. (Smirk inserted.)

When Kal and Kara were little, they used to refer to Yosemite Sam as Yosemite Yosam. We didn't bother correcting that; it was just too cute.

Ever wonder how pickles and peanuts taste together? You could just smear peanut butter on a dill pickle stick from your refrigerator. Or you could go to the farm store here in lovely Peru, Indiana, and pick up a can of these:

Dill Pickle Peanuts. Pucker-up good.

What possessed me to buy these? They were sitting at the check-out lane as Kal was purchasing yet another BB gun with Christmas money. Actually, as the adult present, I officially purchased it since 11-year-olds can't just tumble into the local farm store in lovely Peru, Indiana, and buy a BB gun on their own, but he was the one spending his money.

I fall for check-out line items about once every 8 months. These just made me curious, and I splurged $3.99 to satisfy my curiosity.

And they are good! Surprisingly good. Enough dill, salt, and pucker on each peanut to satisfy the pickle urge. The peanut really is just a vehicle for salt, and it didn't stand out as the dominant flavor in this can.

Not expecting a baby, by the way. I just LOVE dill and salt and pucker all in one mouth-watering bite.


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