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Bon Jovi and Bon Ami

North-central Indiana woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow this morning. We've had snow already, but the old snow gets dirty--some of it is yellow. A new batch of snow just cleans it all up and looks so tidy.

Work continues on tidying up my house. It's hard to know where to put everything when you first move into a space. After a time of living there, the pieces start falling into place as to what makes sense in that house.

So, the sewing area is today... again. I say again because it's gone through a couple clean-ups. It's just never been quite right, and this is a good day to tackle that.

I had a wonderful week with my children this past week. We have joint custody, so one week with him, one with me. I love most the times in the morning when they first wake up, and at night when they go to sleep. Those are the times where all seems right in their world. Sometimes, those are the best talking times.

Kal and Kara also like to talk at dinnertime or when we're out on a drive, just one child and me.

In those moments, there is nothing else in the world that matters. It's just my child and me.

I love watching them grow up. Kal made some fabulous pan-fried chicken one night. I just called him into the kitchen to help with dinner, and he ended up just taking over most of it.

Kara is good at taking charge and getting something done when there is an end goal. I love watching her learn to be a manager. She's practicing on her brother, mostly, and he doesn't always take kindly to it.

And I'm off. Off to clean, to organize, and to scrub with Bon Ami while I rock with Bon Jovi.


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