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Bike Rides and Catch

We're making more lemonade today from Corona lemons.

We took, oh, I don't know how many, bike rides around our neighborhood. On one such ride, I chose out three pine cones with the grand hope of making trees grow from them based off instructions I saw on Facebook. I usually kill plants, so it'll be interesting to see where this goes.

At worst, it'll just be something else to fuel a nice brush fire some evening.

Kris made chili. I always love food I didn't have to make, and tonight did not disappoint. The family time we have in the evening at dinnertime is one way we all decompress from the day. I try to get the kids to tell what has made them sad, mad, and glad throughout the day. We say things we're thankful for.

Kal had a pressure headache coming on, so he left the table early to go rest. I hate seeing him deal with those. They're enough to make him cry from pain.

Kara and I played catch in the backyard. She just started playing that with Kal and Kris. She gave me all sorts of pointers that I understand academically in order to place my mitt where the ball is coming, but I am lacking in execution. I spent most of the time chasing the ball down to throw it back.

I was better at other sports, such as... well, to be more precise, I was never good at any sport unless you count whipping a kitchen into shape, managing a Friday night at a pizza shop, or changing a diaper. I can do those like nobody's business.

The diaper thing is because being one of the older set in a large family, I had changed hundreds of diapers before I ever had my own babies. Did you know your lap can become a changing table if you just kneel down and balance on your toes? There are all sorts of creative ways to be a diaper-changing germaphobe. (Spell check is underlining that word, but I'm not coming up with the correct spelling. You know what I mean.)

Back to Kara, we took yet another bike ride after dinner. This was the mosey, talk-about-the-day kind of ride that we hated to see come to an end.

Most of our neighborhood was out today raking the fall/winter junk from their yards, burning the brush, and straightening up outside. It gives me all sorts of motivation to straighten up our yard. And it needs lots of straightening.

Our neighbors next door are retired. Their yard is perfect. We'll get there one of these decades.


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