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Being Haved

Boy and bunny
Kal and Leo being haved together.

"Yes, I'm being haved!" is how my children used to respond when asked if they were behaving. Usually, if you have to ask that question, something is amiss.

Now, I ask Mr. Leo Bunny if he's being haved, but he's not quite able to answer. He just looks at me incredulously as if it's an unthinkable possibility that he, Mr. Bunny, would be behaving improperly. Yet all around him are chew marks on papers and books, plus a Hansel and Gretel trail of bunny puffs.

He's not too bad with chewing when he has plenty of cardboard and sticks. We just have to keep an eye on him.

When he's not being haved, or I just need a break from babysitting him, he goes into his crate for respite. I call it respite; he calls it jail.


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