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April Snow Showers Bring May Flowers

Yes, it is April 15th, and we have snow today and possibly will have it for a few days this week.

I guess we could get upset about it, but that's not worth it. We'll just deal with it since the weather is one aspect of our lives we can't change.

Since it feels like winter this week, we'll pull out the winter recipes. Soup today from the ham bone leftover from Sunday.

(Insert an hours-long pause in the text as the day went on after I wrote the section above.)

The kids made lava cakes from a kit this afternoon. I forgot those were supposed to be eaten hot, so they had dessert before dinner. Just more quarantine fun.

We played a family game of Beat the Parents after dinner tonight. I love the laughs that brings.

Part of my grand intentions for the day happened: I drank hot coffee (at noon); I refilled the water jugs at Culligan's (first time using the vending machine there; learning all the time); and I made potato soup using the ham bone from Easter.

My accomplishments end about there, and I returned to a puddle by 8:00 promptly. I thought I'd have more energy to stay up and have personal wind-down time in the evenings during quarantine. Uh, nope. I haven't watched one show or movie yet, unless you count catching a bit of the Super Hero High or Avenger's End Game that the kids and Kris were watching. Neither are quite my cup of tea.

I need a sappy chick flick or Hallmark movie to enjoy my time on a screen. Or a nice musical. My kids hate those. I love them.

I have no deep thoughts from the well today, because as I stated before, I'm a puddle right now.


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