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Another Sledding Day

Fun at the park

Will the kids go to school at all this week? So far, it's been an unplanned break. No school today either.

We just make the best of it and go sledding on days like this. The snow was perfect for flying and tumbling down hills. Kal and Kara both had time with their friends on the hill, everyone freezing off their hineys and having a grand time.

The brightness of the snow removes much of the dimension from sight in the picture and in real life. It really is difficult to see the slope of the hill until children (and some adults!) are descending it on bright plastic sleds, usually falling out part way down the hill. This hill in the picture is one of the best in our town for sledding.

Playing in snow
Relaxing in snow chairs

Kara and her friend made snow chairs, plus they mostly went down the hill like penguins on their bellies.

I like to make hot chocolate, put it in a sealed carafe, then take it to the sledding hill for when the kids need a little warming up.

Leo the bunny had a nice time hopping around in the snow on his leash. He did his best to chew through the roots of a large oak that stands at the top of the hill. Several of the kids did more petting of him than sledding. Leo seems to be fine with the attention.

Nothing feels so good as a warm home after being out in the cold.

On another thought: I rarely have grand thoughts or revelations that are meant to provoke deep thought for the readers here. Though the well of thoughts runs deep, it's just not always prudent to let them out. I write about what's on my mind. That may be the goings on of a day; it may be something emotional; it may be serious or funny. Anything.

I go back daily to why I started writing in the first place, and that is simply that I want to write creatively and not be bound to a narrow range of topics.

Maybe the real bloggers in Blogland would roll their eyes at my piece of the world wide web. It's fine if they do. To me, going back to the starting why is important in this, and in just about all, aspects of life.

Snow and trees
Lovely Indiana snow


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