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Am I Allowed To Use the Fancy Soap?

Today is hot, yesterday was hot, the rest of the week is supposed to be the same. It is summer, so no surprise there when the weather acts just as it should in season.

It's the kind of hot that makes you stick to the leather seats in the car. Getting out feels like ripping off duct tape.

It's also the type of weather that makes me want to get in more pool time, ice cream cones, and lemonade before those things just don't feel right anymore for the year.

Actually, ice cream always feels right. But who drinks lemonade in December? Weird.

If it sounds exotic, it's fancy.

During one of my mini-vacations to Kroger, I moseyed past the candle section and found they really have some interesting scents. There are the standard $6 cinnamon candles, then there are the fancy pants scents such as Jasmine + Patchouli. What is Patchouli?

Anyway, the scent reminds me of the fancy soaps in all the old ladies' powder rooms from when we were growing up. We could use the Dial, but couldn't touch the molded soap roses and strawberries.

This candle smells like that. I like the scent, though I never quite understood the reasoning behind a dish of fancy, molded soaps that nobody was allowed to touch.

It makes more sense to me to have the fancy things and use them, too. If those things break or get used up, at least they were used and enjoyed instead of just being dusted.

I've had plenty of things break or wear out, and I still miss my favorite poppy mug, but using those things is what brought joy. Any day can be fancy if you just pull out the china.

One personal exception to this my great-great-grandmother's crystal glasses. Those do get to sit prettily on the shelf with only very careful use.

Everything else? Fair game for making any day more enjoyable.


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