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Alarm Clocks

Most mornings are the same: I sleepily slap several alarm clocks onto snooze for an hour. I have one on the dresser, one in the bathroom, plus at least one on my phone. I stagger the alarm times thinking that will help me wake up.


Kal is up at the same time consistently every day. He has always been an early riser.

Today, we have to find an instrument for school band. He wants to play saxophone. Music will be good for him.

He also is in tennis and soccer. Sports wear him out nicely, or at least they take some of the edge off his energy. Since we don't have farm chores to do at 4:00 every morning, the sports are at least a way to funnel his energy.

I love seeing his dedication. He's up and ready for school, sports, or whatever the day is to have in it, very early.


Okay, we had a busy day with Kal's orthodontist appointment, renting a saxophone for school band, and finding soccer cleats.

We arrived at the music store a little before they opened, and we saw one of the employees walk in. At least, at the time, I guessed he was an employee. He had the marching band walk and the black shoes. All he needed was a trumpet and red shirt to complete the look.

Soccer started for Kal today. I love him when he's a little bit worn out. He's sweet.

Kris made freezer-section Chinese tonight. It was very good, and I love food I didn't have to make.


I wrote all this yesterday morning and evening, then the computer locked up, and while I was waiting on it to unfreeze, I fell asleep. This morning, there were hundreds of rows of "kkkk..." where I fell asleep with my finger on the k.


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