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A Relaxing Day

Bucket truck and trees
The tree guys buzzing down two dead trees.

It's fun to see the dead trees being cut down from our street corner. We'll have a nice amount of firewood from it.

Today was a rare relaxing day, starting with a visit over coffee with a wonderful lady. She's a few years farther on in life than I am, and I have learned much over the years from her as it pertains to life-ing, wife-ing, and parenting. Our visits are always over much too soon.

Later, I took a salad in to Kris while he was working through lunch. To me, it takes all day to make a salad, pulling out all those individual ingredients and painstakingly cutting it all. Sigh.

So to put in the effort for Kris was a big statement of love.

Then I met a good friend, the one I meet weekly for prayer. Our usual morning time to meet became lunch at the park. We caught up on the usual list, plus added in a few items.

Kara and Kal had lots of hugs and kisses for me after school. I never get too many of those--except for the times I know they're stalling the chores they have to do.

I love my family; I love time with them. There are some dresses to sew later today, but for now, I'm going to enjoy my loved ones.


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