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A Poison Ivy Garden

I fell asleep with Kal before writing yesterday. Anyway, today is just a collection of randomness.

Poison Ivy
Just a smidge of our poison ivy garden

Anyone have a great way to get rid of poison ivy? We have a nice garden of it at the front of our woods. Round-up has seemed more like plant food than killer to it. We have a jug of Killzall now. I hope that works. If not, I'm guessing we'll suit up, and just get in there and pull it out by the vine-y roots.

I had a horrible bout with poison ivy last year. Since then, I've had it a few other times, but not nearly so badly. I've heard of some people building immunity to it. Give it time, and I probably will.

Chocolate chip cookies
Mini muffin tin chocolate chip cookies

Kal made a tasty version of chocolate chip cookies yesterday in the mini muffin tin. Different, but fun!

The mug of the day is my South Carolina mug. I bought it on a trip there, and it reminds me of the sand and ocean. Today is just right for it, and no, it's never too hot outside for a true coffee fanatic to enjoy the tasty beverage. I am in the shade on the deck, though... and being pelted by walnut hulls being dropped from aloft by an untidy squirrel.

The kids are campaigning heavily for a trip to the water park today. It's hot outside, and even though I really ought to get more sewing done, we'll go. I don't actually enjoy water time because I can only count kids the entire time, but I love making memories with them.


Okay, we went to the water park. I'll talk about that tomorrow, and clue everyone in on what a "chlorination check" means when you hear it come over the loud speaker. Maybe everyone else already knows, but it was a first for me today. Ick.


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