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A Happy Whiplash Day

Not our snow, but a pretty picture of it.

Today was what I call a whiplash day: what plans I had were suddenly scrapped and replaced with who-knows-what due to the snow-related school cancelation.

Not complaining; it's just jarring to my system to be on one track, then get thrown off it suddenly.

So, after I absorbed the shock of the whiplash, we just headed in another direction for the day. Basically, it took me until noon to feel human again and get some traction.

Feeling quite human once again, we all were able to clean up the house nicely and have cereal for lunch. Kal and Kara both had fun screens while I studied all afternoon on a course I'm taking.

I felt a bit like a hungry bear who couldn't quite satisfy the sugar craving all afternoon. Not just any old sugar would do; I really wanted jawbreaker sugar in a smaller form than the baseball-sized jawbreaker we had.

I've never seen a grown woman licking away at a baseball-sized jawbreaker--only because I didn't look in the mirror while I was doing it.

Kal had several stints in the snow today to check out nature and shoot his BB guns. A fresh coating of snow is as attractive as the surface of the peanut butter in a new jar. Oh, what unmarred beauty! You have to treat it carefully to keep it looking nice.

Oh, forget it! Just dig right in.

Kris made delicious quesadillas for supper, custom to each of us and loaded with lots of butter in the griddle.

So it was a very happy whiplash day. Then again, most days have some amount of whiplash in them, and it always ends up being just fine.


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