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A Happy, Cozy Day

Take two: I started out writing, but then in rereading it, it sounded like one giant complaint, so out it goes. I don't want to be a whiner and complainer.

Virtual school is on for the next 1 1/2 months. The kids enjoyed getting up slightly later than normal since they didn't have to leave the house. Kara even had breakfast during her Teams meeting with her class. Camera and microphone off. Thank you, Kara.

Both children were done with school around noon today, and then begging to have some friends over here.

Yay, the friends were available and came over mid-afternoon.

If there's one thing I love, it's to see my house full of people. Don't get me wrong, I love time to myself to unwind as well when the day is over, but I get refreshed with people, even when it's just my children's friends.

I love to hear their laughter and see them enjoying one another. Plus, the bunny gets enormous amounts of attention when other kids are here, on top of what she gets from us.

Kris cooked dinner at Pizza Hut in Logansport. That's the good Pizza Hut around here. It's part of the Fort Wayne group that all have Mission-style oak woodwork throughout with a fireplace in the center and stained glass that separates the booths. It feels cozy.

Some locations have a garden room; Logansport doesn't.

The other Pizza Huts around us and in Peru feel cold and miserable. They have uncomfortable bar-height tables and TVs everywhere. Tile floors; hard surfaces and cold colors everywhere.

I think it was supposed to be the hip thing to do for decorating. Maybe I'm not hip enough to appreciate it. Not caring much though.

We're getting snow tonight, such as it is. It's not the inches or feet of snow I remember from growing up, but it is cold, white, and pretty, and it makes me happy.

What a night to be enjoying the glow of the Christmas lights.

Christmas tree
Our happy, imperfect tree

One last note, our tree skirt will be crumpled this entire season. Ginger Snap the Fluff Bunny loves to scamper under there and play and chew and nap. We watch that she doesn't chew on cords, but it's impossible to keep the skirt nice and neat without straightening it every time we turn around. So the crumpled skirt is here to stay since she is part of our household. I'm not going to fuss with it more than a little.


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