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A Good Soup Day

The rain sounds soft and pitter-pattery this morning. A good day for soup.

We had a 32F degree swing in temperature yesterday for Northcentral Indiana. Crisp, fall air in the morning; summer in the afternoon. I guess God's allowed to do that, it just makes deciding what to wear a little difficult.

So, the soup today? Probably broccoli cheddar or potato. Either way, I start with a chicken broth base and add in the vegetables, salt, pepper, garlic, and any seasonings that sound good at the moment, and let that cook.

Then I stir in whipping cream. Lots of it. If you're not sure how much to add, keep going. Only keep on the heat long enough for the cream to get hot. It'll scorch on the bottom fairly quickly.

For the broccoli soup, the last step is stirring in shredded cheddar. Heat off or very low, of course.

For potato soup, stir in ham chunks and whatever cheese sounds good. Cream cheese and cheddar work.

On to other things: Kal finished tennis earlier this week. The coaches are great and have helped all these junior high kids to grow tremendously. Our school is consistently the best performing for the area we play.

I see them be tough when necessary and give lots of encouragement. All the kids love them.

Miss Bunny, Ginger, delights all of us. She hasn't left too many presents for us outside of her designated area. That delights me the most.

Kal and Kara tend to her as soon as they wake up for the day. Her little twitching nose just is constantly moving, and she nuzzles them when they're watching a show.

Kara, our little nester child, likes to make cozy nests for the bunny.

These past two days have been tough as I finish out all the dresses I have to do between this week and next. My goal for closing down my business is to have the sewing work done by the end of next week and use that final week of October for cleaning up and clearing out. It feels like a marathon until then.

In between all that is the normal business of house and family.

I was feeling rather melancholy yesterday: my sister and brother-in-law, plus some friends of ours, are moving to Florida this week. I'm happy for all of them. They are moving to better opportunities. Just sad for the empty place they leave behind.

Time to get off this computer and on to the business of the day: kids to school, sew dresses, make soup. And soup is a perfect melancholy food...


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