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A Fun Coffee Cup, and the Kids Are Sewing

coffee cup
Prescription coffee cup

I had pleasant thoughts of my sister and brother-in-law. They gave this mug to me a couple years ago.

This morning was a dentist appointment for me. It felt like a meat locker in there, but all those offices do.

Hello, ants in our cabinet. Hello, bug spray. Goodbye, ants in our cabinet. Kris found the opening where they were coming in and gave them a little gift.

The kids and I went to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's (Ojann's is a funner way of saying it) for some supplies I needed for the shop. The kids were great at finding all sorts of things they "needed." Sigh. We came home with way more than I had intended, but they are set up with sewing and some other crafts.

Kara has been sewing all day today, and that got Kal interested. Now he has some fabric that he's using to make something special for some of his friends.

I'm proud of both of them for their initiative. I have shown Kara how to use the machine before, without spending much time on it. She just started sewing, then hand-stitched a part that needed it. She's better at it than I was at her age.


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