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A Dabbing Avocado and a Tomato Soup Car

It's been a good few days, today and yesterday. Let the random thoughts begin.

Dabbing avocado
Have you ever seen a dabbing avocado?

Kara loves to draw. I don't know where she found inspiration for a dabbing avocado, but here it is. I liked it well enough to laminate it, you know, to encase it in plastic for all of eternity. It turned into a bookmark for a friend.

How did I even know what dabbing was? I guess I pick up more from my kids than I thought.

Dirty rug
Shoes off doesn't always mean feet are clean

This picture illustrates life with children when they inadvertently bring nature indoors, a daily occurrence. I don't ask for museum clean, but I would like my vacuuming to last longer than 1/2 an hour. And yes, this was with shoes off. I'm not quite sure what all happened.

We saw two hummingbirds around our red geraniums today. I used to think geraniums were old lady flowers. Now I think they're just smart lady flowers. They hardly need any care if they're not scorched in the sun all the day long.

On the way home from a clothes haul today to fill in all the gaps needed for my growing children, we followed a car that was not red, not orange, but the color of Campbell's tomato soup. Different.

I don't particularly enjoy shopping at all, especially when I have as many opinions thrown at me as people in my party (usually my children) about every item, every turn of the cart, every new thing to see, every sudden urge by someone in the party to take up a new interest that, of course, isn't free. I had to have earned a few grays today.

When I am on a mission, though (usually solo and able to concentrate), I almost see a light from Heaven shining down on the very thing I need. It happens all the time: I'm able to zero in, almost immediately, on the purpose of the shopping trip. It's happened with cars, clothes, jewelry, handbags, portable air conditioners, the house we bought a year ago, you name it. Every single one of those times, I haven't regretted the purchase.

Kal has a couple buddies over for a sleepover. They played hard, ate spaghetti, played some video games, and watched a movie until midnight. (It's now after midnight that I'm writing because... moms everywhere don't go to bed... that's the way the day went... that's the opening for another excuse. In reality, I could have arranged my day better to write sooner.)

Today was also catch-all errand day, including an unusual one to the jewelry store. I heard a new tink on Saturday night after a fabulous day at the lake. After some investigating, I found it was coming from my ring when I tapped on one of the stones. The jeweler at our fabulous, hometown jewelry store fixed it right then when I brought it in. They're nice people.

My parents and I delivered dressers to my sister yesterday. Grandpa Walton (maternal grandfather) had made them when he had a houseful of kids. Mid-century modern beauties.

Later, most of the kids swam in their neighborhood pool which had just opened. Two days in a row for my kids swimming. I love it when they're worn out.

Speaking of worn out, I don't hear a peep coming from anybody. Maybe they are having a little sleep for their sleepover.


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