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A Christmas Goose

Christmas Dinner
Somebody's pretty table from

Well, if 2020 isn't the year to start new traditions, I don't know what is. Kris and the kids wanted to eat a goose for Christmas Day. We've always had a turkey or ham, sometimes a beef roast. Mmm... thinking of a nice Beef Wellington right now. I want to try that sometime.

This year is a goose year.

My sister offered a goose from the flock that flies into her neighborhood to go potty on all the beautiful lawns. However, the more practical option was the Kroger freezer section just down the road from us.

Does anyone know what to do with a goose? It's probably similar to roasting any other fowl. Maybe I'll just make it up out of thin air like I do everything else.

The grocery store was out of cranberries, so no salad this year. That's fine. I end up eating 3/4 of it anyway since my family only takes a teaspoon or so of it.

Kara made up a batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies. We'll bake them tomorrow, but I can assure you the dough was delectable.

Yes, we're a family that eats raw cookie dough, and we're not stopping.

The ice-breaker question this time of year is: Are you ready for Christmas?

This year is different from others because I'm not sewing up until the last minute on party dresses for ladies. I'm still not totally ready. Mostly ready, and I'm just not worried about the rest. Just enjoying time with my children.

Family and friends can make any ordinary day special. That's all I really care about.


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