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A Carefree Childhood and Ice Cream

My post for yesterday is just gone. I wrote about some of the ups and downs of the day. It didn't even save as a draft.

So, starting over with today, since yesterday is past, and I recovered with a long night of sleep from the exhaustion of my work week, I'm eating blueberries out on my deck which is shaded by two huge beech and walnut trees. The temperature is hot, but it feels so good here in the shade.

Kara and I jumped on the trampoline for a bit this morning. She couldn't get any of the usual buddies to jump, so I filled in. After having babies and life happen, parts of me bounce differently than they did 20 or 30 years ago. Still I loved spending time with my little girl.

Trees, clouds, sky
Staring up from the trampoline

We stopped after awhile and stared up at the trees and clouds and sky. Something about just staring up in the vast airspace above feels like being a kid again. Time just pauses.

Time with my girl

For a moment, there are no responsibilities, no problems, no worry about how long your septic system will last and when you'll have to replace it.

It's easy as an adult to look back toward the carefree days of childhood and wish for all that back. In reality, the life experiences we've had give perspective and wisdom to the older version of ourselves.

As a child, my biggest problem was finishing homework or doing a few house chores and making sure I behaved so I could have dessert at dinner time.

Dessert was always a big deal in our house growing up. It was a card my parents held to ensure good behavior. Even today, as adults, most of us will do anything for a bowl of ice cream--the way Dad would heap it in there.

That reminds me, I need to check the ice cream levels in our freezer. If I remember correctly, they're getting dangerously low.


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