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A Bit o' Pancake with the Syrup

Breakfast food always hits the spot for supper. Eggs. Toast for Kal. Cheater pancakes for Kara. I wouldn't normally fix separate pancakes, but it was easy since it was a mix.

I only turned my back one split second, and this happened with Kara's pancakes. It would be more accurate to say Kara happened to Kara's pancakes.

Pancakes and syrup
A moat of syrup

What you see in the picture is from the few pancakes that turned out nice and pretty, even lovelier being drowned in syrup. What was on my plate were the first batch of pancakes: hard, dark, and burnt.

Then I also burnt the toast for Kal. Winning all the time.

New cypress mulch looks like shredded barbeque pork. I won't volunteer to taste it, but our rose bush area looks so much better.

Also in our front yard: this beautiful violet. There are so many because our yard isn't weed-controlled yet. We really don't have grass or any place to grow it, so for now, we enjoy the wild grass flowers that spring up all over the place.

And this is the end of another full day.


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