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8 Months of January

You know what a nice noise is when you're a parent? Hearing the toilet flush the way it's supposed to.

Until you've had to fight with the toilet using a plunger as your only weapon, there's no way to describe the relief that sound brings--even from several rooms away.

Why am I talking about this?


On to other things: our white Christmas weather came back for a visit. We're actually into the 8th month of January this year in Indiana and other commiserating Midwestern states.

To all my family enjoying life on the coasts of South Carolina and Florida, YOU WIN! You don't even need to say, "See? I told you so!"

Also, who designs Easter dresses for this latitude? We're still wearing coats. Sundresses and hats are still a month and a half away.

Fighting the cold with color on the front door

Car with snow
Day after Easter in Indiana


I'm feeling rather pleased that I only hit one curb this morning. I never do anything half-way, so it was a good one, but my car is used to me by now.


And my version of fun, when I'm not hitting curbs, is to go hiking. To that end, I finally bought a state park pass for this year. Why I didn't before now, I can't answer.

So, maybe my children aren't jumping for joy at being out in God's green creation, but I am. So many of my favorite childhood memories took place at state parks. The harder the hike, the better.

And speaking of the great outdoors, my little corner of space is made even smaller by the enormous pile of brush and yard waste left by the previous owner.

They also kindly left piles of bricks in various places.

So, Kal helped me dig out a shallow fire pit and line it with all those bricks. Now we're slowly burning through that pile of brush for some nice campfire evenings, which is my favorite way to close out the day.

And to finish it off: some pictures of BunnBunn. He's poor company when the kids are away; he just doesn't say much. He stares at me and twitches his nose, but I enjoy seeing his curiosity and the things he enjoys.

He has to know what is over the chair

Favorite new box


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