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1934 Hershey's Chocolatetown Chip Cookies

When Kara asked me to make chocolate chip cookies with her tonight, my first impulse was not to do it. I really didn't feel like baking; in fact, by 7:00 p.m., I turn into Jello. Just ask Kris.

When I suggested we do it another night, she (rightly) said that would never happen. Ouch! Children are a mirror of what is really in us.

She won.

She dragged out the cook book, which is actually her book that we fill with recipes that we make together. Then out came all the ingredients.

After that was a small rabbit trail as she looked through the cabinets and found boxes of pudding and cake mixes that had expired too long ago to admit on this post. Dump!

Also dumped all over the cabinet were the tiny beads of tapioca from a box we used once. Another rabbit trail of cleaning that.

She made the cookies mostly by herself once we did get started, including scooping the cookie dough onto cookie sheets. I loved spending that time with her.

In case you're wondering what fabulous recipe we used, I am including it at the end of this post. This is from the 1934 Hershey cook book, and I haven't found a better chocolate chip cookie ever than this recipe. Thank you to the Duckwalls for sharing it years ago with us.

Chocolatetown Chip Cookies from the 1934 Hershey cook book

Cream: 3/4 cup soft butter 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs

Mix, then stir into butter mixture: 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup chocolate chips

Spoon dough onto cookie sheets, and bake at 375F for 10 minutes.


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