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10:08 AM and Parenting Through Selfish Anger

Our normal schedule is out the window during Christmas Break. It's New Year's Eve today.

We finally have some snow on the ground! I know I'm in the minority, but I just love winter and the change of all the seasons. Cold weather is just part of living here.

Mom Guilt

I'm struggling with mom guilt this morning. I start out hopping around like it will be the greatest day of my life, then the mouths in the house start kicking in, and I slide right in to the angry version of myself that I never wanted to be.

How do I stop? I pray all the time for control over my temper.

Three Fuels and More

It does help if all the mouths are fed. Hunger fuels lots of bad attitude.

Sleep deprivation is another fuel for the bad attitude.

Having to take care of nature's business is the third fuel.

Once those three areas are satisfied, I don't know what to do except impose some time out, take away privileges, or go on a walk or bike ride with the child that needs the most attention. One child typically fights that until we're two minutes in to the walk, then it turns into the best part of the day.

I will go apologize for my part in the mayhem this morning. When I don't get up and ready for the day earlier than the rest of the house, and when my surroundings are chaotic, I feel chaotic inside, and I have a much harder time regulating my temper. I could have done things so much better this morning.

Selfish Anger, Go Away!

Yes, our children are not allowed to be disrespectful, and they do have to learn how to control themselves, but Daddy and I are the adults here. We need to set a better example.

Selfish anger can go right back out that door. It doesn't belong here.


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