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1/2 + 1/2 = 1 and Trinity Sunday

The toilet in one bathroom works, and the sink in the other bathroom works. Together, they make one whole bathroom.

Easy fixes, but just one of the joys of home-owning.

Church was refreshing this morning. Now that we're past (in Indiana, anyway) the suspicious sideways glances that everybody gave everybody else when we were first set free from our homes, people are back to somewhat normal gatherings. Especially since protests are dismantling the social-distancing argument, most people I've seen are ready for life as normal.

Pastor Dan talked about the Trinity for Trinity Sunday. The actual word, Trinity, is not in the Bible, but is a word Christians use to describe the nature of God as one God in three distinct persons. 1 John 5 has a Biblical explanation of it. Pastor Dan used the explanation of a candle flame: it has an image, light, and warmth. Take away any one of those, and there is no candle flame. One flame in three elements.

We had a grand time with friends last night around a campfire. S'mores taste the best with a burnt marshmallow on top of a Reese's peanut butter cup. (We were not counting any calories last night.)

Coffee treat
Sweet tooth coffee

Kal was so sweet today (pun intended) to make a dessert coffee for me. It was after lunch, and he made up this treat full of whipping cream, whipped cream, and caramel syrup. There was a little coffee in the cup, too. I love his sweet heart. I could taste the love that went into making it.

This is sweatshirt season--for inside the house. Kris and I each reset the thermostat whenever we pass it. Guess who likes the house on the frigid side?

In reading back over this, I saw that I had missed the Oxford comma in one place. Problem solved. Oxford commas are very important to me.


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