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02-20-2020 and the Superbowl

Notice the palindrome? Today was a nerd holiday.

This is Sunday's writing, Groundhog Day, even though it's early Monday morning now. I just haven't closed out the day yet. Also, I wrote on Saturday for another blog, Indy Mompreneurs, but by the time I got to this one, I had a major headache and went to sleep.

"Blessed are the merciful" was the main message at church this morning. Mercy is not getting a negative consequence you deserve. While the minister didn't expressly mention empathy, I caught that theme throughout. Empathy leads to mercy.

Kris and the kids took care of a boatload of work in the garage today. They bagged up a pile of non-burnable construction supplies from the remodel we did on the house before we moved in. It had been sitting in a pile in the corner of the garage, not enough to hire a dumpster, but too much to know immediately how to handle it.

Kris found more junk in the garage to burn. Goodbye, nasty old cabinet!

I stopped at Kroger and Aldi this afternoon. I love our small town: we see a dozen people we know whenever we step foot out of our house. Everybody was stocking up on the chips and guacamole for the Superbowl tonight.

Speaking of the Superbowl, the main attraction to me is... well, I actually don't know. The food, maybe? We (that is, I) made a chili dog sauce to go with the hot dogs the hosts, our friends, were having.

I had a rare pop. The pop was not rare; the occurrence of my having it was rare. I had a whole can today, when my usual semi-annual drink of pop is just a taste or two. Today, I had to let my Canada Dry warm up and lose some fizz in order to get it down the hatch. I'm good for awhile. I just don't like pop.

I don't know what I'm watching with football. I know the ball needs to land in the end zone for a touchdown. Other than that, the players look like columns of human muscle running around in a squirrel-like fashion on artificial turf. What's a 1st down? I just don't get it no matter how many times Kris explains it. I'm embarrassed to ask him again.

We had to scoot Kal out of the room for the burlesque show at half-time. Really? On national TV where lots of families with kids are watching, pole dancing and being mostly naked is okay? Not what my ten-year-old son needs to see. I don't want to see that disgusting, shameful display either. By the way, Kara was already out of the room, and Kris wisely chose, for his own safety and well-being, to partake of a second helping of food right then, eating away from the TV.

The game got exciting when the 49er's got shellacked in the last quarter. I was rooting for San Francisco since that's who Kris wanted to win. The 49er's are back in his good graces now that Colin Whimperknick is no longer with the team. Apart from Kris, I would decide by a good round of eeny-meeny-miney-mo who I wanted to win.

Kal and I stood outside for a few minutes when we returned home just admiring the stars and thinking of how BIG the universe is. Kara joined us as Kal was pointing out Orion's belt.

Time to close out the day. It's been a good one, and now the ones I love most are snoring softly (or rather loudly) in the peaceful stillness of the night.


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