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When the Cat's Away

"When the cat's away, oh, how the mice do play!"

I'm not a mouse, but my version of playing was to have a nap and a bowl of ice cream while the children were away swimming today.

A 3-hour nap. That never happens. I needed it badly.

The bowl of ice cream, I didn't need quite as badly. I didn't need it at all. I'm not wasting another minute feeling guilty about it. I loved every bite.

We had the perfect summer meal after church today: deli chicken with cheesy potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and sliced tomatoes and green peppers. Then the kids and Kris went with Grandma to go swimming.

I had a list 3 feet long of all the work I planned to accomplish while they were gone.

First, though, just a little nap. I set the timer for 45 minutes. Never heard it go off. 3 hours later, I got up with a lesser drive to accomplish various tasks today, but still some determination.

First, though, a bowl of ice cream for this hot, summer day on the deck. Yummmm...

You can guess, the drive disappeared like the ice cream, and I just had a day of rest. A very much needed day of rest capped by a very small campfire, coffee, and a chat with Kal after they all returned home.

Kara and I later had a walk and a chat down our street and back.

The best part of my day is what I spend with them.


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