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Wheat Bread Isn't Saving My Life

Yummy wheat bread from somebody else.

I've given up the wheat bread fight.

Growing up, we had delicious, homemade wheat bread, or we had the wheat bread from the store. I've always loved the crunchiness of Brownberry bread and others that have some texture.

If wheat bread is the only option, my family will eat it, but they had Sunbeam from Uncle R one time, and now it's just a fight I've given up.

It's not Uncle R's fault; I just decided not to make a big deal about the wheat bread anymore, even though one side of my brain is telling me I'm poisoning my family with white bread and white sugar.

We do try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. By we, I mean Kris and I do. The kids still need to be compelled by means of the parental privilege we have to eat the good food God made.

On that same vein, I've given up on keeping all the peels on certain vegetables such as standard cucumbers. The peel is a bitter, tough, waxed wrapping. I'm an adult, and I've decided not to eat that anymore.

There has to be some balance here: we trade a life extended by Brownberry bread and cucumber peels for a life extended by lower stress from not worrying about that schtuff and not fighting with the kids over it.


Yesterday was a fun day at the water park up to a point--up to the point the announcement came over the loudspeaker to clear the main pool for a chlorine check. First thought: that's a polite way to say someone poo-pooed in the pool. Confirmation: someone poo-pooed in the pool.

I made the kids scrub off several layers of skin in the shower after that.

The kids both had buddies over for a sleep-very-little last night. The girls made a nest on the living room floor with pillows and blankets from everywhere. The boys bunked out in Kal's room saying it was too hot for the tent last night. I can't blame them. We melt in Indiana when it's over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's back to eating, sleeping, and sewing for me, a little iffy on the eating and sleeping parts. Part of the week is devoted to my shop, taking appointments, and sewing up a storm. Then I recover for the other part of the week.

Sewing projects (alterations) always go much faster in my head than in real life, but I'm also a stickler for turning out work the way I'd want it done. Done right, ready for your event, and with a perfect fit.


Superman pose
Kal posing as his namesake

I'm looking at an old picture of Kal posing as Superman. He's always been so stinkin' cute! Sometimes just stinkin', but he always has my heart.


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