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What Do Bunnies Do All Day?

What does everyone do on a Sunday night in a little town?

Go to Kroger.

That's right. The entire town turned out on Sunday night to get their groceries at 9:30p.m. At least it's a free social club. Not only can you buy a gallon of milk, but you can catch up with all your neighbors and friends, plus meet new ones.


You may wonder why I've been so quiet lately. I really can't say yet; it's just not the time for that story. Just know I didn't forget about writing, but it had to take second place to other priorities for awhile.


Bunnies are cute--like gremlins.

I'm listening to Bunny peacefully chew on a piece of our house. He enjoys that. If you see a curtain move mysteriously in our house, it's just Bunny. He hops around the baseboards to make his rounds about the house.

I wish I had a current picture of our little bunny-cat. I don't though, so this random picture of a curious bunny will have to do.

His to-do list looks something like this:

  • Eat bunny food.

  • Chew my crate to help the lady get me out.

  • Hop upstairs.

  • Scratch at the bedroom doors. Maybe the peoples in the house will let me in where I shouldn't be if I scratch hard enough.

  • Hop halfway down, then up, then back down 2 steps. Let the lady person pet me and pet me and pet me. If she stops, I put my nose under her hand to tell her to keep it coming.

  • Eat her hair if I get close enough.

  • Eat carpet. It's part of a high-fiber diet, except I'm not quite sure what fibers those are. I'm eating them anyway.

  • Look for any cords the peoples were careless enough to leave out. Chew the cords.

  • Back upstairs, no, downstairs--upstairs again. Actually, it was better downstairs. Go downstairs. Bat at the door to see if it opens for me. It doesn't. Chew carpet.

  • Flop down like a cat in the corner. Sleep like a cat. This will fill about 10 hours of my day.

  • Stay away from the peoples when they try to get me in my crate. I know lots of tricks that keep me from being caught. The peoples are learning tricks, too. I have to up my game.

  • Chew the paper in my crate.

  • Dump my water.

  • Rearrange the cardboard box where I want it. I want it here--no, here! Then I want all the newspaper shredded. It's more cozy that way.

  • Chew another box.

  • Move my food bowl where I want it. The peoples here never put it in the right place.

  • Hay? Oh, yes, I'll have some hay.

  • Spinach? Spinach?! Did I hear the spinach bag? Race over to the crate, leave skid marks on the floor, yank the spinach leaves out of my people's hands.

  • Relax on the chair. It's my chair. I have claimed it.

  • Look out the window.

  • Go inspect the corner again. Make sure it hasn't moved.

  • Look for any opportunity to sneak into a no-no room. I just love those rooms. They're the hardest ones for my peoples to catch me. I like to hide under beds. Then we all play a fun game of catch-the-bunny-with-the-broom. If I could laugh, I would laugh hysterically every time this happens. My peoples don't laugh, though. I just have to imagine it.

  • Lick fingers and faces whenever I can.

  • Be snatched up rather unceremoniously. The girl people likes to hug me and kiss me and call me George. Actually, she calls me Leo. Then she squishes her nose into my face. I don't bite her.

  • Do this all over again.

Yes, this is Leo the Bunny's list every day. I gave him a special rug to eat so he'd stop eating the good carpet.

Actually, "good" is a stretch. It's the carpet that was here when we bought the house. Feels like the 19-cents-per-square-foot special that the local discount home improvement store had when the previous owners put this house on the market. We've just never changed it.

And I'm off. Off to wind down the day. My precious children are in bed and asleep.

Time for mommy to have her nightly bowl of ice cream, uninterrupted. Hehe!


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