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What Challenge?

I couldn't figure out why I was so tired at 4:00 in the afternoon, a tiredness that followed me through until 7:00 and later.

Well, it took me until suppertime to remember I'd only had one cup of coffee. Quite a deviation from my one pot or more pattern. Tomorrow is a new day to get back on track with coffee.


A meeting today sparked this question I have now: what am I doing to challenge myself?

I read as much as possible, more than just Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. I'm studying & testing for a license. That's a challenge.

Parenting is always a challenge of one sort or another. Home management is its own story.

Life itself is challenging, but am I looking for the easy way out in some areas? I haven't determined the answer to that yet, though I'm mulling over it now for reasons that will remain undisclosed.

With the warmer weather we've had, our neighborhood is starting to come to life. Windows open. Any day above 60F degrees is good for throwing wide those windows and blowing out the stale air and smells of a winter that has overstayed its welcome.

Kids are out playing. Kal and a neighborhood buddy have been exploring the woods nearby, being manly-man survivalists. That ends at dinnertime.

Kara's imagination is sparked by anything. She is brimming with ideas. If possible, I just let her do them, and she is developing her creativity.

Creativity and challenges feed life itself.


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