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Tuesday Morning Prayer

We learn more and more about bunnies every day. Like when they're scared, they go potty everywhere. Ginger Snap the bunny poos when she's had enough people time. She poos for the storm. She poos when she's excited.

I am glad she's going mostly in her litter box. What she does do outside the box, I clean up right away so she doesn't get the idea it's okay to go there. Don't want to leave any lingering scents.

Ginger is scared of the storm right now. To top it off, the Amber Alert came over my phone with a blood-curdling beep. I'm sure that was more poo for her. I prayed for the person involved in the alert, then cleaned up her droppings... again.

Even with all the care she requires, Ginger just makes all of us smile and be mellow around her. How could anyone be otherwise holding a fluffy ball of fur that twitches her nose and whiskers at everything?


Kal received a certificate for Junior High Tennis tonight. This was Peru's fourth straight year undefeated in the junior high division. He can't wait to play again starting next summer. Coach M (and the other coaches) are so good, the kids just don't want to stop playing when the practice or matches are done. I know Kal would play all day if I let him.


Tuesday mornings are set aside for prayer with a very dear friend. We started that last February, once a week, and have seen God answer countless prayers during that time.

We both are currently facing trials that feel beyond our capabilities. They are beyond our capabilities.

But we know God is faithful and will not give us more than we can bear through his strength. All of life is a growing and learning process.

I used to look at adults, when I was a child, thinking they had all the answers, they were done learning and could just enjoy eating ice cream at any time of the day they so desired.

The ice cream part is true, but the rest of it is an illusion. Someone who does have all the answers is about to fall flat into the mud at his feet.

Life has given me a generous amount of teaching in that area: the thing we sneer at others for often becomes the very thing that trips us later.

That's why now, as soon as I catch myself, I throw out the thoughts of "I would never..." or "If so-and-so would just ______, their problems would be solved."

We don't know what kind of muck another person has to go through because we aren't that person.

Grace, and even more grace, is just what Dr. Jesus ordered for them.


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